B-Roll from Kenim O on Vimeo.

Have you ever walked down a crowded sidewalk with your iPod on and felt that weird quality of cinema pour over you? Like the music has forced itself into the position of soundtrack, and every leaf or cigarette butt you see takes on some grandeur it wouldn’t otherwise have. Kenim Obaigbena has essentially made exactly that movie.

She set out to capture the unglamorous aspects of New York City, the first city she ever fell in love with. She was born in Nigeria, raised in London, and has lived in Manhattan for almost four years, which gives her a pretty specific perspective. In her description, Obaigbena writes “In this film, I attempt to showcase the unglamorous, natural, beautiful, New York City that one never sees in Hollywood films.” The result is an aching seven minute montage of mostly still images of cracked pavement, balled up napkins, stoic brick facades, trash cans, and on and on.

It’s a lovely project. (But I don’t know how badly it needed that dog shit at the beginning.)